Monday, July 15, 2013

Eng217 Assignment no.1

I'm doing a paper this semester that ought to help my writing, namely the doing it.  Hopefully it will prompt me to get around to writing all the things I ought to; poems, emails, letters, articles, puzzles, stories, apologies etc.

Such Is Life.

Mutts will squeeze through chicken wire for girls in heat.
I don't blame Ray, the two had met each other, and I'd like to think
some romance was involved. They had achieved together
what neither could have done on their own

She liked to lie under the crag down by the chestnuts.
We buried her there before the frosts.
Ray brought a perfunctory headboard and a silent apology.

"A bitch in time saves nine" the epitaph; I kept five
and Ray took four. Nestled in a rubbish bag in a box
Blind eyed, barely knowing their mother's bite.

"Your dog" gruffed Ray, taking back the vivid. I agreed.
She had been mine, and I was one for puns
She'd heard her share, or just about,

enough to know one more when she goes.