Friday, November 30, 2012

Here is silence.

It's an odd feeling labouring over a poem.  A lot of time and work is put into a small body of text, and it can feel a bit overworked.  At the same time there is a reward when even a single line feels weighty and  full.  This is not quite one of those poems; I'm still working on them.  But I like this one, though I feel like I've posted in an earlier state.

Here Is Silence.

We do not stand together
I am tethered;
You're a feather.

And I must carry on
I am strong;
You are gone.

I would ask what turned your back
On this hard track
Don't answer that.

My questions fall away
There is an absence
Where you lay.

And I may never go inland;
Grasp your hand;

The absence where you lay
I questioned on the day-
Answers you will never say.

We do not stand together;
I am tethered
Here forever.

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