Friday, November 30, 2012

Here is silence.

It's an odd feeling labouring over a poem.  A lot of time and work is put into a small body of text, and it can feel a bit overworked.  At the same time there is a reward when even a single line feels weighty and  full.  This is not quite one of those poems; I'm still working on them.  But I like this one, though I feel like I've posted in an earlier state.

Here Is Silence.

We do not stand together
I am tethered;
You're a feather.

And I must carry on
I am strong;
You are gone.

I would ask what turned your back
On this hard track
Don't answer that.

My questions fall away
There is an absence
Where you lay.

And I may never go inland;
Grasp your hand;

The absence where you lay
I questioned on the day-
Answers you will never say.

We do not stand together;
I am tethered
Here forever.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mid November Remember.

I've finally finished reading the 30 days with jesus - a year after starting.  The poems will take longer; I will probably miss days, and I'm striving now to work and rework pieces, especially ones I wish to make important for myself.  There are always others though, in the meantimes.

Rough Discards

The wind gushes!
the wind rushes!
the wind stumbles, and utters
curses, and shakes its fist at the skies.

Its scrape dislodges stars, that tumble
in a cascade that rumbles
off the great clouds that fumble
and roll their dark eyes.

The stars are spelt
that clatter and melt
and they felt
cold when they settled on my arm.

This proves to me thus
that what's dislodged are husks
to melt into dust
while you brightly shine on.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Nones, the nones!

The year has passed incredibly fast up till this point, but shows signs of slowing.
I must admit I didn't actually think this as a child, but I wish I did.

Small Circles.

As a little child I held
a little piece of bread
a little cup of grape juice
And looked into my little face
reflected in the cup.
I looked and reasoned
with my little mind
that why we got a little bit
of Holy Flesh and Holy blood
was so there was enough of it
for every little child
To have a little bit.
an omnipresent God
should have more body though.
But why I did not care to know
as any little is enough.