Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Winter's warmth.

Often a winter day can bring clarity of thought, but usually not when you want it to.

A Fire Far and Near.

Waves on the shore, turning from the shore
I lift my armour down with false pretenses
The bright scarf on unexpected tides was washed away
along with my sand castle defenses
I have two contrasting problems
The place I dare not go, and cannot stay.
A friend with flashlight kills my best intentions
A genuinely good friend, so who should ask for more?

All my desire, turning from desire
the place that makes it, out of reach.
A desperate step, outside a coward's grasp
one more metre along the beach.
each time I call it cowardice
a trait for which I did not ask.
A failure I would swear I didn't preach
And kerosene to dampen down the fire.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Interlude: context is meaningless

This doesn't make any sense, and I'm not too pleased with it.
Except lines 12 and 13.  They're nice.  
At any rate, now I can carry on.

Social Amphigory

An old hand turned transmitter
Pants out into the fog
“I do not know
    I do not see
 I want to hear ..."
And back the echoes bring
much of the same thing, until I do not care
and the echoes wilt away.
Beautiful silhouettes I've come to fear
are projected from my shadow
(With damp swirls on the glass)
and a vibrant light I've turned my life
three-quarters of a way away from.
But there's terrain I want to shed some light on - 
The pavement twists are narrow,
and a cart has trundled past
of some meaningless decay
- It was pulled by a dog -
Yet you say, non sequitur.