Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crepuscular reasoning

I've been thinking lately about poetry logic, how reasoning in poetry works a lot differently, but can still explain and convey messages and truths.  This poem kinda does that, though it was before.

Crepuscular reasoning.

The fog murmurs outside the window
unintelligible apostasy
Only in the scarlet sky
Will we make sense of what we see.

When now we peer to indiscernible hues
dim blues, thick smothering veil,
'Twill carve away to crisp edges golden
Etched out in minute detail.

And you, shrouded in dusky mist
whose outline suggests - a ship?  Or stool?
Like inkblots; come dawn evaporated
We perceive in part, but then in full.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interlude: Slick Still

An exercise from a good book I had from the library.

Slick Still.

See how the smoke hangs down towards the sky
and drips like a frozen stalagmite?
Stay near the prickly holly, the gutter choked with ice
The road has been equipped for death tonight.

See how it hangs pacific, frozen
in a giant outstretched sky of ocean
With white, feathered, crystalline
bubbles rising to the sister centre-line.

everything oh so calm, oh so cold, please stay
The road can be still with yet another day.