Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When Eulogy Contradicts Memory: 3ww

A Three Word Wednesday, which can be found Here
The words were Freak, Downhill and Sliver.

When Eulogy Contradicts Memory. 

A freak event, they later said.
'They' being the papers we all read
And ensuing reports, one week ahead
Unshakably confirmed conclusively the man was dead.

But, I walked downhill, that darkened hill.
And I ran up again and I felt ill
And I picked up a sheared sliver of metal
That no-one found, and I wonder still

What did we see on that day though?
Who's death did we see in it's throe?
Was there a halo - What do we know?
What did 'They' deny, that shook us so?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 13: Laws for reflection.

Day 13 was Mathew 5.  This doesn't have any direct relation to the verses, but came from mulling over them. 

A Mirror's Duty.

A mirror, lit up from behind
scratched in it, heart intentions
is marred as we would find
but for redemption
filling the gaps
crimsons cuts
like sap
a wound.
This is but
a means ensued;
mirrors, by design -
some tarnished, ornate, bright -
with festoons of any kind
should accurately reflect the light.

Oh, also, I also know someone who has started a blog, and though I don't know if anyone really reads this, her stuff is actually really good.  Far better than mine, so if you're putting up with mine, well, pop over to In Need Of Madness

See you 'round.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Three word wednesday poem.

 Well, I've decided to do 3ww again, because they're fun, and admittedly so I can get some constructive criticism on my poems.  It also may encourage me to read other poem blogs.  So:

       To Our One Too

To demolish one great labour for another
To transform what was disillusion
To pursue our swisting and shifitng dreams
With resolution.