Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 8. Here, brother.

Day 8
Luke 6:1-49

Here, brother,

Like a chipped, aging, sunken lens,
In a poorly fitting monocle
A failing light, some arrogance
Becomes a large obstructive plank.
Which blinds perspective just enough so
The depth of the situation isn’t felt though
It’s unbearable to live - inspect yourself
I’m in no position where I can help.

Monday, November 14, 2011

interlude: Faith and Doubt

This isn't part of the 30DWJ, though there's a fair handful of allusions in this one. 
It's based on a question a friend posted on facebook that intrigued me.
If you don't pick them up (the allusions), ask me about them in the comments.  If any one reads this who does comment.  If you're not the commenting type, that's alright.  If you're not the reading type, it's never too late to change.

 If You Don’t.

If he doubted not
Would his pot
Be filled till slaked
And counted faith?
Or if his fears
Overcame his walk
-Faith must be there
To be made naught

To question things
Is not to doubt
The honour of kings
To search them out.

But those among
The peasantry
Can live along
More pleasantly
Knowledge without
Query or doubt
And faith as such
Can run their mouth

But don’t assume
One’s proven
By the other
Fiend and brother

For if faith and doubt are one
Doubts won.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7: The woman by the well.

Very, very loosely based.  I had an idea, but it didn't really work.  I'm not fond of this poem.

At The Well.

I was at the well, smoking
As I increasingly seemed to do.
Your pack went off, and you came over
Some freshman from Law school.
They rarely venture to this side of the city
Him - “Could you get a drink for me?”

Hang on - you never talk to us
Never mingle with drop outs from the art syllabus
“Mister, do you know who you’re talking to?”
He smiles warmly, “with a question like that, do you?”
Then “may I have one of your cigarettes, to pass the time”
I feel compelled to confess “They’re…not mine.”

“I know, neither are the other packets in your satchel.”
Oo, so you bought deductive skills at university.
“Learning is free, Mary.”  He checks his watch
I stutter “How’d you kn … How do you know me?”
But he starts to leave “Fine.  Go off to your law degree.”
He laughs without turning “Law? No, Theology.”