Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 6: I found my memory stick.

Well, I had lost my memory stick, and it had all the poems I had done so far, so I was left a bit in the lurch.  But someone found it!  And so, though very late, here is day six.
It's about the dudes who lower their cripple friend though the roof down to Jesus.  Go read it, then you'll understand. 

Day 6 (Luke 5:1-39)

Strange Things.

His friends feel none are more deserving than him
Through the rooftop they lower the stretcher in
A corner slips with a gasp, jolted back, and awkward laugh
Sends another nail into the palsied patient’s heart.

It matches, blow for blow, condemning fear
Bestowed on him that groggy misty morn.
When woken by the clumsy lifting of his stretcher
And “Jesus of Nazareth has come to town.”

Rumoured saint, Elijah, John or Messiah
Healing the sick in every town, says Hebeniah
But Hebeniah is an upright man, unlike him
His friends dare not know where his thoughts have been.

The infirm trembles inside, like a chill
Passing over; his descent takes an eternity
And he cannot look, but cannot look away
But stares as he goes, at the placid face of sanctity

Settling in the dust the blood drains from his skin
For he feels none are less worthy than him.
And the teacher gazes on legs lame with sin
Says to me “your sins are forgiven.”

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 5: Back when it was snowing.

I actually have a back log of these poems, just for security, so this one was actually written back when we had heapa and heaps of snow blowing everywhere.  The inspiration from my readings is the bit about "you hear the wind, but you don't know where it comes from or where it goes" kinda thing.

Day 5  (John 3:1-36)

Where it wisps.

The wind blows the snow about and whips
Young icicles dripping fingertips against
The window, six inch drifts down on the sill
And just as swift blown off – white innocence.

I do not know where the snow goes
Borne on the wind – I hear the breeze
And all the guessing only throws
My hopes against the bitter freeze
What I would give for my innocence!
So it is with all born of the Spirit.