Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If I'm the emperor... (Three Word Wednesday)

Then this could well be my dubious clothing.  I'm not really sure if this one makes much sense, so don't hesitate to tell me it doesn't. 
To keep on that simile, I'm still pleased I'm wearing something.

The three words were: Demise, Effort, Revival.

     Less Employed, Lest Destroyed. 

        He will not pass;
        The doctor tries to start
        His heart, and tries with C.P.R.
        He tries, although his efforts are in vain.
        This calls for a new style of revival
        Dropping the scalpel with disdain,
        Throwing aside the serious
        Sudden bathos;
              pid -  


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Weeks Three Word Wednesday.


Ah, it's good to be back.
I'm very late on this one, but I thought I'd better put it up, good or bad, in order to kickstart myself again.
Enjoy and critu...Oh wait, I should probably explain some things first.
"Shuffle"  Is a modern form of dance, performed to "hardstyle music"  An electronica genre of music with heavy 4/4 bass, kick and beat to it.  I can explain the details of the dance if anyone wishes, but for now I'll just put a link to a good video example.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a_wIQT5ePk
This video pretty much demonstrates it, with the exception that in our school we tend to lift our knees higher and really bring them down hard.  I will lastly explain the apparent typo in the title.  The group of us practicing this dance and others go by the name "Teh Skuff."

The three words were Advance, Pander and Shuffle.

Teh Shuffle.

He advances, a self indulgent gait
Eager to pander to the masses
Jests the wait, as the intro passes
And swings his legs from side to side
Biding for the beat.
In confidence assured
he quiets a private jig amidst the rise
and climax drops a bass frame boxboard

Let the dance begin.

Brittle pounding of the soles
A betraying silk bounce and glide
walking bottomless, flying pretty
a kick, a stomp, and back to glide.
He brings it back to basic glide
two step beat honed illusion – but
a careful, tricky time he has of it
to bring it from poor to professional
Bust to bounce and glide
stomp and glide.

After the practitioner of the dance finishes, some one flicks the video online
where thousands without the confidence decry and criticise.
Yet privately, he practices and advances
with stomp and glide.