Friday, October 22, 2010

Prompt: Unleash.
The prompt was unleash, but then that made me think about Pandora's box, and then about the Fall.  So I wrote on that.  But did I really use the 'Unleash' prompt then? 
I don't think it matters. 

The Break - The Choice?

Under the courtyard tree in quiet shade,
Nude, bare but for an ornate box you stole.
Lightly following the patterns - a rasp
Elates itself from a rusty lock, and
All manner of evil escapes.  The tree
Shrivels, the snake laughs, and the fruit
Has a synaesthesic sweet burst - then bitter pain.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dusk. An intriguing subject.

There's nothing really too much say at the moment, except I think I would like to use the ideas in the first stanza in a better, more laboured poem.


Drawing of wind through trees, roaring.
Sleeves of petals twining branches, hugging.
The soft diffuse of dusk, seeping.
The tide of night advancing.

The bleating and bouncing lambs have gone silent.
The company of the light has departed, got tired.
The plain’s given up all its effort, like minded,
And the ranges pulled sheets over stiff weathered spines.

Ten thousand shades, howling
To trees by the river, rustling -
Rustled by the dusk, sifted
Down twining petals and entangled bleats.

The darkness settles in the eaves.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three Word Wednesday - very difficult words.

I had trouble with these words, but something eventually took form.  It's kind of short, though I'd like to say concise.
Any well, criticism is encouraged.

As The Lambs.

Absolve, the pardon's absolute,
forgiveness in biblical proportions.
That takes the hiss and ridicule of guilt
and makes it mute.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something childish.

I feel obliged to say that not everything I post will be good.  That would be cool, but unfortunately some stuff might just be plain bad.  Luckily, that's not the point for me.  Anyway, that over, here is a possible bene exemplum, and thankyou very much Christchurch for the inspiration.

Disaster of a child.

I shall jump up on kitchen shelves
and boot the photos; smash their frames.
I’ll swing on the lights; raising hell,
I’ll keep this up for days.

Then I’ll go kick over stacks
of wood and bricks and chimneys.  Fun!
I’ll scare the dog and freak the cat;
I’ve only just begun.

I’ll tear up the pavement all through town,
I’ll smash the windows on corner shops.
I’ll break pipelines, pull buildings down,
and I cannot be stopped!

No, not at all, I’ll shake things up!
I’ll keep rocking on for months.
I’ll crack foundations, spill your cups;
I’ll make this place a dump.

You cannot catch me, I’m just too quick,
and you don’t know when I’ll abate.
I’ll shake this city to its pit;
and you’ll tremble, oh you’ll quake!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Magpie tales.

This is one of a heap of really good prompt sites.

Autumn (A Better Beauty)

Strewn out in browns and yellow hues,
With some pumpkin loaf orange, dim blue smoky shades,
And a horse chestnut black.

Autumn now lies in fallow glades,
Blowing fusty mutterings, rustling and bustling
The leaves like beggar’s sheets.

Time has stripped trees to skeletons,
Or shattered yellowed cadavers; and time will yet
Move their corpses again.

Into copses of flowers for
Bright young maidens of spring or as better beauty -
I will press some leaves, then.

I hope you like it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three Word Wednesday. Very late, but here.

The words were Imminent, engulf and tamper.
If you have not seen the movie "Prestige"  This may not make sense.
Fooled is a controversially pronounced word.  try it with two syllables.
Anyway, enjoy.

The Turn, At Least, Is Imminent.

I would prefer you to have fooled me.
Believed me that magic still lingered on
In the minds of magicians, not this truth;
That obsession engulfed and was wanton.

Some sacrifice was suicide; you know
Some plunge was bitter agony’s applause
And, thinking, when love died, he did not know
What knot he tied, then fall through his trapdoors.

And drown yourself in jealousy or something worse
While Tesla tampers with life’s fickle seed.
You got it wrong, and far to right for us to know
I would prefer you to have fooled me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

One small step for man, one small step for me.

Hello there.  I don't suppose anyone much looks at this blog yet, but I need to start somewhere, so here, below, is the official first entry on this post.  It was based upon a story of three men who travelled to the coast and became addicted to progress and expansion:
or about me, my brother and my friend travelling 1-and-a-half-hours to build a sandcastle.

Fists of iron, feet of sand.

We came, we saw, we built.
Cracking the whip against the sand,
driving the iron fist of progress;
It was our duty - though we took some pleasure in it -
to nature, because progress is as relentless and unstoppable
as the waves.

So we bent the elements to our will
and built walls, towers, prisons, cemeteries...
We were at times alone,
and at times in bitter resentment of our neighbours.
But our vanities testified for us.

They were mighty and strong,
mans indelible mark, a fortress of strength!
We marveled, patted each other on the back,
Then we left.
And I'm sure the next high tide
toppled the ramparts with its waves.